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I, also known as Barbara Schuller aka Basenjimom, write about all things kitchen. Healthy recipes, cooking tips and tricks, latest appliance reviews - you can find all this and then some more in her website.

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Cookware Reviews

Here at Basenjimoms Kitchen Classic Google site I make it my mission to give you the inside scoop on how different top of the line cookware lines perform. II do this in a simple manner that makes it possible for the consumer to read unbiased reviews by experts and real customers that have had experience using these products.

Toaster Oven Reviews

The toaster is a classic kitchen appliance. Its handy dimensions require little space and can be easily positioned on the countertop. Thanks to the toaster, the slices of toast are browned and heated. This should significantly improve the taste. As a rule, the toasters offer space for two slices. But there are also models that are larger, in which four slices can be toasted at the same time. Large families usually use several toasters at the same time.

Vacuums Reviews

Bagged vacuum cleaners enjoy strong popularity despite heavy competition. Our Basenjimoms Kitchen New Google site has screened countless vacuum cleaners with bag tests on the internet and produced a leaderboard that relates to energy efficiency rating, noise level, range of action and many other specifics.

Blender Reviews

The Blender is a household appliance that will make your housework much easier.This is especially true if you often prepare soups, dressings, smoothies or shakes. The blender is ideal for all these dishes and prepares them within a few seconds.

Juicer Reviews

The recent juicer models which is produced by the top rated manufacturers has a lot of advantages which is good for the people. The main advantage of the new juicer models is the juice extraction rate. The juice which is produced will not contain any fiber, so it will only contain the extracts of the juice.

Infrared Halogen Ovens Reviews

Anything that you can cook in a conventional oven, you can also cook in a halogen oven – just faster. You can roast a chicken, turkey or beef joint, you can cook a casserole.

Coffee Maker Reviews

But if you are serious about your coffee then you want a machine that will really let you control the brewing process. It is important to use the best and freshest grind of coffee that you can and also to ensure that the coffee is brewed at the ideal temperature where possible.

Basenjimom's researchers have tried to track down the finest drip machines that there are for a reasonable price.

Food Processor Reviews

Many food processors can serve stirring, beating, kneading, pureeing, chopping, grating, grating, grinding or as a meat grinder. Many have additional features such as a juicer or centrifuge. The variety of application areas is therefore quite evident.

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